Swimming System Products

Natare Pool System

Natare pools are complete stainless steel structures, pre-engineered to the exact project requirements for a simple and precise installation.

Advantages of Natare Pool :

  1. Perfectly tailored for competition, training or lap swimming,
  2. Certified to all current FINA, NCAA, YMCA,USA Swimming, and NAHSA standards,
  3. Ideal for recreational swimming, hydrotherapy, and water aerobics.  Suitable for in-ground, on-grade or elevated construction,
  4. Ideal for renovation or new construction,
  5. Fast, efficient construction, suitable for all climates and weather extremes



Bulkheads span the width of a swimming pool creating a move able bridge, dividing a larger single activity pool into a multiple activity pool like water polo, water aerobics, swim training and competition.

Advantages of Natare Bulkhead:

  1. Complies with all certification standards for national and international competition
  2. Rigid one piece self-supporting stainless steel construction minimizes horizontal and vertical deflection without added bracing
  3. Completely flow-through to prevent the wave rebound that interferes with competition
  4. Easily moved to new positions; quickly locks firmly in position
  5. ASTM certified slip-resistant grating for safe and secure walking and turns

Whirlpools, Spas, and Hydrotherapy Pools

Natare stainless steel whirlpools and spas are ideal for any facility where the soothing effect of Water in Motion are desired.

Advantages of that:

  1. Hydrostatically tested to ensure water tightness and guaranteed to remain leak-proof,
  2. Quick installation,
  3. Variety of interior finish options,
  4. Pre-assembled in our facility or on-site,
  5. Dual drain systems prevent entrapment or entanglement and comply with the latest federal standards
  6. Available with all plumbing and fittings

MicroFlo Vacuum Sand Filtration

Designed for dependability and high efficiency, with minimal maintenance and low operating costs, all MicroFlo filters are engineered to meet the rigid National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standards.

Advantages of MicroFlo Vacuum:

  1. Stainless steel/PVC Construction; no fiberglass, Cycolac, or fragile plastic,
  2. Cost effective; low maintenance and operating costs
  3. Complete ready-to-install filter plant
  4. Simplified operation and an extended warranty
  5. Ideal for renovation or new construction
  6. Save water and energy with automatic low volume backwash
  7. Economic and efficient for large facilities

Perimeter Gutter System

Natare stainless steel perimeter gutters provide the training and competition environment for champion swimmers

Advantages of Perimeter Gutter System:

  1. Stainless steel construction
  2. Efficient water return and distribution
  3. Permanently watertight and “freeze-proof”
  4. Easy to install and eliminates need for buried supply piping
  5. Ideal for renovation or new construction
  6. Standart application for slip-resistant edge
  7. Variety pf gutter choices available, including roll-out, recessed, semi-recessed, in all styles from basic to fast competition design

Pool, Floor, and Deck Surfacing System

Pool deck surfacing is a cost effective solution for covering unsightly surfaces that have been repeatedly patched, or are cracked, worn and falling apart. Manufactured from a special PVC/Polyester composite, the floor covering system is a resilient, dependable, low- maintenance surface.

Advantages of NataDeck Surfacing System:

  1. Safe and slip-resistant
  2. Cost-effective, easily installed and water tight
  3. Long life expectancy
  4. Cool and comfortable
  5. Easy to maintain
  6. Ideal for renovation or new construction

GPM Grating

GPM Grating is available in individual grates or as complete system with stainless steel support and framing, anchors and tamper-resistant fasteners.

Advantages of Natatec GPM Grating:

  1. Virtually indestructible; immune to sunlight and pool chemicals,
  2. Crack and shatter proof, even when struck with a heavy hammer,
  3. Machined form a solid marine grade polymer with an integral slip resistant surface,
  4. Available in a wide range of shapes, lengths and widths to meet any aquatic facility requirements,
  5. Available in architectural grade custom colors and with multi-color effects

And another Aquatic Accessories

like starting blocks, converter overflow and boxes, stainless steel railings, automatic water level controller system and underwater windows