Spurtan BS


Spurtan BS adalah lintasan atletik polyurethane dengan sandwich system. Terdiri dari lapisan

  1. Top layer comprises Qualipur Polyurethane
  2. Porefillter layer close base layer
  3. Base layer
  4. Base Adhesive
  5. Asphalt

Spurtan BV


Spurtan BV termasuk lintasan atletik yang memiliki sertifikat.  Produk ini memiliki lapisan sebagai berikut

  1. Top layer with spray system ( Mixture of Qualipur polyurethane and EPDM rubber )
  2. Base layer
  3. Adhesive layer
  4. Asphalt

Spurtan BSS


Beberapa fakta tentang Spurtan BSS,

  1. 2 layer system consisting of a structural spray surface with SBR and binder base mat. The base layer consist of recycled rubber granules and polyurethane bonding agents. The system structure layers are Structural spray top, In-situ base layer, Primer and Asphalt or concrete,
  2. Absolute thickness is 13 mm.

Spurtan WT


Beberapa fakta tentang Spurtan WT,

  1. Single layer system consisting of EPDM rubber and binder layer. The system structure layers:
    a.  EPDM and binder in-situ paved surface
    b.  Primer
    c.  Asphalt or concrete

IAAF Certification

n October 1st 2015, IAAF issued certification list of athletic track layer product based on the quality.  Our products are in the first until sixth position